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World Events Discussion Group 1, Mondays*

Ongoing, meets roughly every other Monday, 1:30-3:30, at Rosedale Community Hall, 901-11 Avenue NW, in the Board Room.

2018: May 7, 21; June 4, 18; July 2, 16, 30; Aug. 13, 27; Sept. 3, 17; Oct. 1, 15, 29; Nov. 5, 19; Dec. 3, 17

Registration is limited to 12.

To register or for more information, please contact Ona Stonkus at  onascall@shaw.ca. **

World Events Discussion Group 1 focuses exclusively on international*** current events and related background issues. Members seek to broaden our knowledge and understanding about all regions of the world in a friendly, informal atmosphere.

At each session, a member volunteers to facilitate the first hour of the next session. Several days beforehand, this volunteer selects a recent world news event and advises the group of it by e-mail, including a couple of relevant articles or links to same and some questions for consideration. Then in the first hour, she/he gives a brief (15 minutes maximum!) introduction to the topic and opens it up for all to discuss. In the second hour, several other world events of the past couple of weeks are presented (up to 5 minutes each) by other members, again followed by lively discussion.

Recent topics explored include the US presidential election, international trade agreements (e.g., TPP), climate change, the Middle East wars, the related refugee crisis, Brexit and uncertainty in the EU, Brazil’s turmoil, Myanmar elections, Chinese expansion, and Europe: the rise of extreme right-wing parties.

Facilitated by Ona Stonkus.

*World Events Discussion Group 2, similar in nature, meets twice a month on Wednesdays. For more information, click here.

**Before you register, you must be a member of CALL. 

*** If you are interested more in Canadian and local current events, see the Current Events Discussion Group click here.

*To participate in most programs, you must be a member.  Exceptions are listed as Open to the Public

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