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Where Were You in 1967?

As this year is Canada’s 150th, one initiative we’re putting together celebrates with a look back on what CALL members were doing during Canada’s Centennial year.  It’s a slide show called:  “Where Were You in 1967?”   

So for you in 1967, 

  • Was it the year you graduated?  
  • Maybe you went to Expo 67 in Montreal? 
  • Or perhaps you went backpacking in Europe?  
  • Did you ride to the top of Calgary’s new Husky Tower? 

Whatever was meaningful for you that year, we invite your participation for a PowerPoint slide show of what CALL folks were up to.  Look through your treasure box at home and see what you’ve got that brings back memories of those times.  It could be your pennant from Expo, or some of the Centennial coins, or a special picture, or any other souvenir that commemorates that time for you.  We would like to take a photograph of you with your item and add it to the slide show.

Whether you were in Canada or elsewhere, now you’re part of this great CALL community.  And this slide show can be one piece of our contribution to commemorate Canada’s 150th.

If you would like to have your photograph taken for this project, please send an email to: bfalle@icloud.com

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