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CALL Membership Survey -You’ve Spoken and We’re Listening!

2017 CALL Board 

As you know, CALL has recently expanded into cSPACE. As well, our membership has continued to grow steadily. In light of these important developments, CALL’s Board thought it high time to survey members.  We wanted to determine as accurately as possible how members feel about their participation in CALL, and we were lucky enough to secure the help of several highly skilled and dedicated CALL volunteers who were willing to help us with this project.  These folks formed ad hoc committees to develop the questionnaire, review its viability, create a computer based system to deliver the survey and finally to analyze and summarize the data.

With the help of these intrepid volunteers, we sent out over 600 questionnaires, and we received the final report of the survey results in the spring of this year (2017).  Typically, the rate of response to surveys is 10 to 20 percent, with social analysts regarding a 20 percent return as a good result; consequently, we were absolutely delighted when we learned that 37 percent of our members had responded to the survey. This, in itself, would seem to indicate a keen interest in CALL.  Thank you for taking the time to tell us what you think. You can be sure that we are listening and that we will do our best to respond to as many of your comments and suggestions as possible, and that we will do this as soon as possible. 

So, what did those who responded tell us? Here are some of the highlights.  The desire to learn was the prime reason 92 percent of the responders joined CALL. 78 percent of the survey participants heard about us through a friend and 87 percent indicated they were satisfied or very satisfied with the organization.  The satisfaction levels for Interest Groups, CALL Cafes and Lecture series showed a similar rating level with approximately 77 to 86 percent noting the programs were either very good or excellent.  The majority of CALL members (87 percent) plan to renew their memberships while most of the remaining 11 percent generally gave reasons unrelated to CALL’s performance.

Most (88 percent) respondents were satisfied or very satisfied with the information distributed about events. The prime reasons members selected various events were personal interest and event timing.  Sufficient parking and central locations also rated highly in the rankings.

There were a number of comments and recommendations that the Board, mainly comprised of committee co-chairs, carefully reviewed. Two key issues—areas where we can improve--emerged, how we welcome and orient new members and how we recruit and engage volunteers. Since CALL is a member-driven organization whose activities depend entirely on the work of volunteers, dealing effectively with both of them is critical to the continuing success of CALL.  Thus, developing ways to better orient members and engage volunteers will be at the centre of our planning for the coming two to three years.  Nearly half of the 233 respondents stated they would volunteer although many of them are currently actively serving in that capacity.  Opportunities to learn and socialize were also noted to be central to our members and thus to our planning.  Over the coming weeks the Board will develop a Strategic Action Plan grounded in the survey results. Once we develop this plan, we will share it with members. Our hope is that we will all work together to put this plan into action over the next months and years.  

Thanks again to all of you who replied to the survey. A special thank you to Darlene, Wayne, Gordon and Karen who developed delivered and analysed the survey.  An additional thank you to Roy, Meryl, Judy, Gillian and Henri for their contributions at various points in the development and delivery of the survey.  This venture so clearly demonstrates the value of and need for volunteers.  You can be sure that in the future, there will be more opportunities for you to have your say and for you to volunteer.

CALL depends on you!


Lynda Cherry

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