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Exploring Books with Societal Implications
Fiction and Non-Fiction

Along with the typical items discussed in book clubs, this group examines the societal implications found in the books read, such as socioeconomic and political issues, science and technology, historical context and inferences, regional concerns, and more.

Books may be of all types --murder mysteries, contemporary and historical novels, classics, and nonfiction works.

Each three-month segment will have a theme selected by the group, such as Scandinavian crime, post-colonial African writers, Latin American fiction, ethnicity, Asian writers, technological innovation, climate change, poverty in the inner city, immigration, effects of war, nature and environment—the list goes on.

Within each theme, participants may choose to all read the same books, or they may try a multi-title approach (each reading a different book by the same author or by different authors).

Discussions might include how well (or not) the societal implications are woven into the story, plot elements, settings, character types and development, formats, historical periods, time of publication, and much more.

At the initial meeting, the finer details will be sorted out by all registrants, and the “model” can be refined as the group progresses.

When:1st Tuesday of the month
Time:1:30 - 3:30 PM
Dates:2017 - Sept. 5; Oct. 3; Nov. 7; Dec. 5; 2018 - Jan. 2; Feb. 6; Mar. 6; Apr. 3; May 1; June 5
Where:Rosedale Community Hall, 901 - 11 Ave. NW (Board Room)
Facilitator:Ona Stonkus
Register:onascall@shaw.ca  *

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