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Welcome to news from the CALL Board. In an effort to keep the CALL community regularly informed about developments and actions within the Board and the supporting committees we are reviewing the variety of forums available to communicate with the broader membership.

March 2016
The February Bulletin outlined the Board’s commitment to promoting active programming, engaged membership and fiscal stability. This month we would like to outline some steps taken in each of these areas, including and update on our move towards cSPACE.

Programs and cSPACE
cSPACE captured the imagination of a number of CALL members not only because of the exceptional physical design and location at the old King Edward School in South Calgary but also because of the unique opportunity to engage in a diverse community that crosses disciplines and generations. A quote from the cSPACE web site ( summarizes the essence of this project.

cSPACE connects people and ideas through places that fuel creativity, foster community, ignite collaboration and inspire change.

As an update to the existing information on cSPACE and the FAQs related to it already located on the CALL website the following are some updates on the work in progress.

The terms of the lease are being finalized and we expect to have it ready to sign within the next month. We continue to be informed that the anticipated move in date will be in November 2016. Since we will have to move in furniture as well as make some accommodations for our particular needs (e,g, installing AV equipment) the move in date does not mean we will start using the space for programs immediately,

There are, however, two ad hoc committees that are working on ensuring the most effective use of our cSPACE location in as short a time frame as reasonable. One ad hoc committee is assessing the additional physical requirements and the other is looking at programming. As noted in earlier communication this move does not mean we will no longer use locations that have been (and continue to be) so valuable to CALL.

As CALL grows so does our need for more space and this is the second compelling reason we submitted a proposal to be a part of the cSPACE community. The tenancy agreement will be for 2 years and as an added feature gives us a “fixed” address as we apply for charitable status (see section of financial sustainability),

The response to the appeal for volunteers is encouraging since the continuing success of CALL depends on the contributions of volunteers in a variety of capacities. The specific volunteer needs are listed on the web site as well as announcements made at CALL Cafes and various interest groups. Please consider how you may be part of the volunteer community.

Thanks to the leadership of Darlene and Wayne and the support of Roy from the Program committee and Meryl from the Community and Public Relations Committee the early draft of a membership survey has been developed. Input on a variety of areas will be sought from the membership as CALL continues to grow and evolve. The next steps are a work in progress and we will keep you informed.

Financial Sustainability
The budgeting process for the next fiscal year will start later this spring. As always we will review both expenses and sources of revenue. A small group has started the process of applying for charitable status as part of a broader plan for generating sustainable revenue. If we are successful with our application it will allow CALL to issue charitable receipts for applicable donations. The process is, however, typically a lengthy one and there is no expectation that it would influence the budget for the coming year but could have a positive impact for longer term planning.

Some Parting Questions
What would you like to hear about in Board Bulletins?
What questions do you have about CALL and the Bulletins?

Lynda Cherry
President CALL Board

September 2015
At the September Gala several members reflected on the wealth of talent that exists within CALL and it is the aim of the Board to support this treasure through reviewing and taking the necessary actions to maintain active programs, engage members and financial stability. These three areas of program, membership and budget are the fundamental themes and focus for the Board this year and you will be hearing more about all of them in the coming months.

Clear and accurate information is key to each of these themes and to that end the Program Committee with the co-operation of the Communication and Public Relations Committee (CPR) are analysing the data we currently have on member engagement. We plan to enhance this information through seeking input from the membership.

The Information Technology Committee is also working collaboratively with the CPR and Program Committees to assess systems to ensure increasingly effective and efficient means of managing membership registration and program information.

CALL, as an all-volunteer society, relies on the contribution of all members. We all have vital roles in ensuring the continuing success of the organization. There are and will be a variety of ways to be an active participant from being part of a committee, helping with social events, facilitating a group and of course being an active participant of a group and a paid up member! In earlier communications, mostly at the CALL Cafes, we have stated there will be projects that require short term commitment from members. One such project already had a volunteer in place in supporting the data analysis initiated through the Program Committee. Similar projects will be forthcoming and you can expect to both read and hear about them in the near future.

This is an impressive community and I, on behalf of the Board, look forward to your input.

Lynda Cherry

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